Phone and tablet based software for taxi drivers. Modern control room, customer-friendly order system and reservation exchange.

Automation and modernization of the taxi service. Communication with the driver and the customer. Phone based applications for drivers and customers. Order exchange.

DigSee and Taxi Dispatcher companies have developed and implemented a number of applications for office and mobile devices. Many technologies – like the order exchange, external order linking, driver’s modern communication channel creation via smartphone application, customer’s software for taxi reservation and calling, customer notification software – were really far ahead of their time and completely implemented in Kiev.

It is noticeable that we offer a whole bunch of applications and services for taxi dispatch office or taxi company, and we can use them as the “bricks” to build the required solution.

    • Modern dispatch service with integrated complex logic, configurable without programming professionals;
    • Phone or tablet based driver’s application. Receiving the orders from taxi service, third party sources (including the order exchange) and orders taken directly from the passenger. Functions of counter, shift start and end, reporting and many more;
    • Modern order exchange system. Dispatch office can share the orders for external processing if they are too busy to cope with such workload, or link to the “external” orders. Additionally, we have developed the unique quality control system of order execution and flexible tariff adjustment;
    • Optional connection of direct customer’s orders;
    • Convenient customer’s application for taxi reservation;
    • Fleet control system on the base of GPS monitoring system, GPSGRAD;
    • Inter-issuer processing system allows one to create complex discount programs both for the taxi drivers (gas stations, car wash service) and for customers. It does not require the release of the physical discount cards and terminal connection! Various complex patterns of partnership and cashless interaction are available.

It is noticeable that as far back as 2009 a single order exchange – Uniform Taxi – was established in Kiev, uniting 25 taxi service companies!
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