DigSee solutions for telecommunication company work automation.

POS presence standards

During the field trips, staff will be able to use their phones or tablets equipped with MobileSOP application to control cards and goods remainders at the locations, as well as presence and layout standards. Also, management will get the option to get the information in central office in real-time mode. Read more >>

POS system for partners

With DigSee POS you will be able to obtain sales information from partner’s outlet. Product’s route to final customers is reported as well. DigSee provide easy-to-use software for the tablet or computer. Read more >>

Subcontracting control

Supply the subcontractor’s employee with phone or tablet based solution. Manage the quality of work directly and get data from an employee who is not your direct subordinate. Dealongo-ONLINE will give you a single information space, and MobieSOP will provide reporting and task management system. Read more >>

The system for data collection on distributor’s sales

Collect the data on distributor’s sales to single large database. Consolidate the information on the sale of goods in the territory, or even in the outlet, with the data received from the POS system, merchandiser and auditor. Read more >>

Analyse the data

With DigSee Management analytics solution, analyse large volumes of data. Supply your employees and partners with a convenient tool for daily monitoring of the situation, as well as for data analysis required by senior management. Forecast and planning are included. Read more >>

United data portal

Dealongo-ONLINE solution will provide an opportunity to organise the work of the company under a single portal. You will be able to set different user roles, positions, to hire people for positions, set the basic work rules for the information system and immediately receive operational reports and data analysis. Read more >>

Market research, marketing actions

With DigSee SURE solution, you will be able to create a questionnaire to conduct the marketing research, and transfer it to the phone or tablet of your employee or agency representative. Right on the meeting your interviewer will be able to manually enter all the respondent’s answers to the phone and transfer the data for analysis in back office. It is also possible to create any report form and transmit it to the phone or tablet of distant workers for filling. Read more >>

Your bonuses – to end users

With DigSee Processing you will get the option to reward your customer with extended loyalty program. He will be able to spend your bonuses or funds on the account within the extensive base of partners. At the same time we will give these partners an easy-to-use terminal software running on any phone or tablet.

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Build the loyalty program for your brand partners

We are ready to supply you with a turnkey loyalty program with no physical cards issued for your partners. Joint bonus system will encourage your customers to come back to the store again and again.

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