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Partner sales outlet automation

DigSee company has experience in implementing solutions for selling financial products in retail sale outlets, including partners. This complex task is achieved in two ways:

  • The application for computers and laptops that requires no installation and minimum maintenance;
  • Application for tablets.

These products solve several important problems:

  • Enable staff to sell complex financial products with minimum errors;
  • Quickly scale sales network.

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Field CRM

Sales of financial products on the road require planning, the availability of counterparty information at the meeting, and the ability to quickly perform the sale or enter the results of the visit. On the other hand, managers need to control personnel on the road, and the ability to dynamically change the rules of the work. All these problems are solved by complex MobileSOP for the tablet or phone. Read more >>

Asset accounting

For several banks, we have implemented projects in the area of material resource and asset accounting. With rapid development of the branch network, a large amount of computer equipment and furniture is bought and transferred from one subsidiary to another. There is a problem of accounting, based on the audit and acception / transferring of assets issues. We have proposed an elegant solution based on data collection terminals with barcode readers. Read more >>

Correct input of questionnaires and forms

DigSee SURE software allows customizing the filling of any complex form, questionnaire or survey report. The operator can quickly enter data from the keyboard. The data are checked on-the-fly syntacticalally, semantically and logically. This same form may be used to fill questionnaires out of the office using the phone or tablet. Read more >>

Analytics and forecasting

DigSee Managing Analytics provides the processing of data from several sources: CRM, accounting system, financial modules. The solution allows consolidating data from several different sources with simulaneous calculation of key financial indicators. Reports may be viewed by employees, exported, and automatically transferred by Email. Analysts will be able to create their reports without any assistance from programmers. Read more >>

Marketing surveys

With DigSee SURE solution you will be able to quickly conduct a survey of potential buyers. The solution provides the option to create a survey form and send it to a mobile phone or tablet. Field employee will conveniently enter the respondent’s answers right at the meeting. Read more >>

GPS beacons for vehicles

If your employees use cars and trucks, there arises the problem of controlling their routes and / or fuel expenses. We manufacture equipment for the satellite monitoring of vehicles for both covert mounting and for the evident by the staff in their cars. Read more >>

Collaboration loyalty programs

Do you have some financial instruments? We do have the experience in launching loyalty programs. Together we can implement projects in the field of large-scale collaboration loyalty program launch (within the city, country, and network). If described in simple terms – you can quickly find sales partners, who will enable customers to earn bonuses in certain places, while spending – in other ones. At the same time, we have the experience of launching such projects even without the issue and distribution of physical cards, just using our processing platform.

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Cashback and commodity coupons

Thanking to our mobile technologies, we can offer banks to launch projects implementing mobile payment use. We have ready-to-use POS solutions for acceptance of virtual customer cards. This provides the option to use our terminal network for the distribution of digital products and services. For example, the implementation of cashback service is offered. The customer pays via the mobile application, and we are returning real money to his account. We can also solve the problem of the commodity coupon sale in the partner network.

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