DigSee solutions at the area of education

Learning methods and new technologies

Company DigSee, together with LearnPeaks, is creating an entirely new training techniques and toys based on augmented reality technology. For example, ABC TALK WITH ME!. This technology allows you to combine the world of physical toys that a child plays, and the digital world. If a child looks at alphabet cubes through the camera of the tablet, as through the magical lens, that cubes come alive and talking. Together with Eugene Maevsky, Maxim Ronshin participated in the creation of the real multimedia book of fairy tales. Child directs the phone to a fairy tale – and it is reading a book as professional reciter.

We would like to emphasize the positive experience of new technique use for the children of the spectrum. Do you want to make the world better? Contact our founder Maxim Ron’shin (skype: maximronshin), he will be happy to share our experience with you!

Application for the school and university schedule creation

TimeTable PRO is software allowing you to specify lists of teachers, classrooms, academic load. And on exit – to calculate automatically or semi-automatically the schedule of classes. The program focuses on the following range of consumers: teachers, head teachers and school principals, college and university teachers, representatives of the dean office, responsible for creation of timetable. Read more >>

Partnership with Aroglyph Inc – extracurricular activity

ARoglyph company has developed an interesting mobile application that allows you to leave messages on the map. It may be text, pictures, or voice memos. At the same time, these messages can only see those who are close to location where these messages are left. This new form of communication allows you to organise active games and quests for children and adults. Contact Maxim Ronshin (skype: maximronshin), and you will learn how we can develop ideas for new channels of communication with the introverts, children of the spectrum or common schoolchildren.

Mobile sociological surveys

DigSee SURE software helps you will to quickly and efficiently conduct a sociological study or survey. Using a special kit of components, you can create a mobile form and transmit it to the phone or tablet. You can also comfortably enter the data to your phone right during the survey and transfer it to back office for analysis. Read more >>

Mobile software, communication channel

If you need to develop the product in the area of education – please contact us. We can offer many ready-to-use modules: SMS alerts and marketing, push-notification and mobile applications. Pick up the phone or write a message, share your idea with us!

Audience opinion analysis

All you need to analyse the opinions of the audience in real-time is DigSee Webvote software product. The listener registers his opinion in real time on a special tablet. Read more >>

Parental control

Family Locator service is an online service that allows you to track the movement of children and other family members (Objects in terms of application) via their smartphones. Safety and convenience. Read more >>

Cashless payments and coupons

If your task is to arrange a public catering for sufficient quantity of people in your city (eg, during Student Olympiad), and you need to set up a range of processes like meals registration, nutrition compensations to partners, as well as the distribution of coupons, we can help you. With our payment processing platform, we can identify a person without issuing any card – just with mobile phone number or a virtual card. We provide a terminal program for the phone or computer, which easily allows to write off money from the account when the services are provided.

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