Fast, protected and stable analytical accountancy system with full-extent data analysis options and convenient administration.


DigSee Managing Analytics is the powerful system for analysis and accountancy

    The analytics and accountancy cater for two user types:


  • Managing staff who need to get the answer on arisen questions promptly and without the help of programmers. They will be able to generate new reports, analyse data on the go, and export it to presentations, Microsoft Office – without assistance from side IT professionals. Also there is an option to analyse huge volumes of information over the long time intervals.
  • Office staff whose work requires a set of informative, full and prompt reports. They will get a quick launch, personalization, transmission over email, as well as control over the employees themselves.


    Generally, one can say that DigSee Managing Analytics includes the following options:


  • Promptly generated reports containing vast data volumes;
  • The form of reports may be promptly reshaped with no need to consult with IT professionals;
  • Powerful analytics capacities of the system;
  • It may be integrated with Microsoft Office and Open Office;
  • Reports may be automatically distributed via email;
  • Convenient web-based work with any connection speed level (data transmitted are zip-compressed).


DigSee Managing Analytics screenshots

Typical requests to our company:

“We need a real-time analysis of goods remainders in our linear retail, as well as the information on share of the market for us and competitors. We have the data extracted from 1C on shipping to distributors, distributors’ reports, data from manufacturing and from our merchandisers. We would like to combine this into a single arranged system”

“We are the pharmaceutical company. Medical representatives are collecting the data on pharmacy flaw detection and doctor prescriptions using your Curating solution. How we can automatically collect the data from distributors and incorporate them within single report?”

“We are the growing manufacturing company. We need the following positions for the analysis: data from minor partner shops (provide us with POS solution), data from network partners (give us the data directly from their accounting system), we need merchandising system for our employees (for them to collect the data on remainders, facing and competitors) and we also require independent audit service. Could you please arrange some clever calculation for us to be able to automatically compute the partner bonus based on our standards compliance criteria?”

“We are the goods manufacturers. We need a strict control of our price policy correctness in economic, premium and average segments.”
“We need to calculate all of the remainders and create a purchase plan.”
“We are providing our customer with services on retail audit and merchandising, and wish to submit him reports in real-time mode.”

Just contact us and we will provide you the option to both build the analytical system and gather the necessary missing data using our other ready solutions! We offer staff control and remote data collection systems, we manufacture shop visitor counters, we own the solution on route analysis and fuel control, we have implemented many pieces of equipment for accounting support and control of manufacturing, logistics and warehouse data in real-time mode.


DigSee Managing Analytics is the solution covering various analytical and visualization tasks, including: reports, intellectual data and text information analysis, statistical analysis, optimization. In result, our customer gets better speed and quality of decisions made.