store automation

Providing the option to keep track of goods movement and solving other important tasks

Inventory control: warehouse automation, accounting automation. Warehousing and control of the goods movement with the use of data collection terminals. Automation of transport logistics.

DigSee company has a pool of solutions for warehouse and transport logistics. We are mostly focused on mobility and efficiency of the staff.
The most popular solutions for warehouse automation and logistics are:

  • Data collection terminal based solution for warehouse goods reception and release, order components collection;
  • Remote warehouse accounting organization with no computer connected to data collection terminal;
  • Inventory control of tangibles / tools / office equipment in a major company on the base of tablets and phones;
  • Monitoring the transport and cargo using GPS and iBeacons;
  • Monitoring the employees and goods relocation;
  • Solutions based on RFID identification;
  • Solutions supporting the warehousing operations with the help of specially developed software;
  • Augmented reality (virtual reality) on the phone, tablet and augmented reality glasses applied in warehouse.

Different businesses – different needs. Most typical ones may be described as follows:

«I have a warehouse and accounting software. But I need to organise an error-free procedure of order assembly and further shipment to the customer. I wish to eliminate the most of paperwork and reduce the number of mistakes».

MobileSOP on data collection terminalIn order to automate the inventory control and warehousing, storekeeper is equipped with a simple to use touchscreen-equipped data collection terminal with built-in barcode/RFID scanner to perform basic functions of receipt, shipping, relocation and availability control of goods, as well as the functions of stock revision, inventory and adjustment.
The most typical operation requiring a significant investment of time is an order assembly and shipping.
Data collection terminal guides the storekeeper. It displays a list of invoices that are required to be collected. Storekeeper scans the invoice or select it directly on the terminal screen where precise list of items for assembly is displayed. Each item shown is supplemented with its location indication. The employee scans the item, and the system automatically compares the stock collected with the task conditions. Re-grading and errors are eliminated. If the goods are not found, MobileSOP Warehouse application is sending invoice adjustments to your accounting system. It also automatically keeps track of slots contained the items that are collected by storekeeper.

The warehouse automation system allows showing the details and special notes (e.g., do not accept this type of goods; contact goods manager) per each contractor, and also allows entering new contractors. Each item can be found in goods categories by the barcode or by the set of symbols (code, name) in a few seconds. Additional payment receipt and goods image preview optional functions are available as well.

Inventory control / warehouse automation system supports the data transfer from data collection terminal, tablet or phone to back-end system through any available communication means (wireless network, mobile communications, and so on). All the necessary documents related to inventory control may be sent from terminal or tablet directly to virtually any type of printer (with no desktop PC required).

DigSee company is manufacturing special purpose printers for warehouse specifics, POSPack series.

«We need to perform a sporadic inventory of the goods and fixed assets».

We recommend using the lite version of Mobile Warehouse in sales areas for inventories, revisions, stock adjustment and retail audit (placement of goods on shelves, other criteria). In this connection, the distinctive feature of this warehouse automation system is its ability to operate in offline mode, i.e. all the stock database, etc., will be contained in tablet, phone or terminal, eliminating the necessity of online communications.

Mobile Warehouse, the system of inventory control and warehouse automation, offers the opportunity of full integration of solution with any back office/ accounting system (e.g., 1C) existing in owner’s office. The information on all warehousing actions taken, as well as other control data from the storekeeper (time when the operation is performed, quantity auto-calculation, etc.) are being transmitted to owner’s office system automatically. The system of inventory control Mobile Warehouse, similarly to sales automation solution, remains under complete control of office system, viz: current office system defines the list of goods, their packaging, prices, etc. These data are automatically transmitted into Mobile Warehouse inventory control automation system daily, and may be updated at any time, allowing you to regularly carry out the analysis of sales and goods shipments.

«We need to reduce storage and logistics costs. But we are quite untypical company».

The system of inventory control and warehouse business automation Mobile Warehouse has modular structure so it can be configured promptly to suit your individual business logics and ensure the better efficiency of inventory control and management by optimizing warehousing and business processes specific to your company. Easy-to-use and easy-to-grasp interface saves your time spent on training and increases both the efficiency and speed of routine operation fulfillment, therefore making the warehouse staff control easier.

The system of inventory control automation Mobile Warehouse supports virtually any popular model of terminals by leading manufacturers existing on the modern world market. Also we can offer a number of tablet and phone based solutions for minor companies. In these solutions, the goods reading function is supported by tablet camera or external barcode scanner connected to the tablet via bluetooth.

«I need to track the locations of people inside the warehouse».

DigSee company offers a ready-to-use modules in the field of augmented reality. With augmented reality glasses, you can recognize both certain goods and certain employee location. We have experience in determining the location using Wi-Fi networks and cost-effective indoor positioning tool, iBeacons.

We have a pool of solutions based on RFID and other new technologies. Call us, tell us about your problem, task or idea – and, hopefully, we’ll provide you the turnkey solution.