The mainstream of DigSee company activity is software development, special purpose equipment design and manufacturing.

We are ready to provide you with a turnkey complex solution comprising of mobile device software, back-end, as well as special equipment. Just call us and describe your needs, and we will offer you the appropriate solution.

GPS Monitoring unit manufacturing

Digsee company is producing GPS units for monitoring of vehicles, cargo, people. Complete manufacturing cycle, from prototype design to firmware coding, allows creating the unique equipment fitting the customer’s project. For example, to perform the integration of monitoring with auxiliary devices and/or billing systems.

Mobile sales printer manufacturing, POSPack

Special printers designed for mobile sales. Integration with phones/tablets/terminals. Dot-matrix output on truck board, recharging of terminal/phone/tablet. Dot-matrix printer upgrade to serve the needs of mobile sales, van based sales.

Vizicounter, visitor registrators

We are producing one of the most inexpensive but efficient visitor counter for retail point of sales. We are ready to provide you with visitor counter that supports the real-time transmission of the data on your visitors via mobile communication channel, for further analysis.

Augmented reality,
virtual reality, AR

Many years’ experience in the area of computer sight development allows our company to implement the projects involving augmented reality, virtual reality, and visual recognition systems able to detect vehicle registration numbers, objects and human faces. We are providing the adaptation of software to phones and manufacturing of the equipment with integrated functions of object recognition.

Mechanical stamp for
printing on any surface

We are the developers of patent protected mechanic-electrical stamp. Its distinctive features include low-cost printing on any surface, as well as inexpensive manufacturing. The option to control the printing remotely is important from business point of view. Provides the electronic signature.

Bringing together
the brand-distributor-retail-customer

The pool of solutions in the area of data collection within the network for the manufacturer. Sales data collection implementation for franchising network. Unified sales team management system for independent distributors and focus groups. Sales point volume growth for the company without direct distribution.

Loyalty program consolidation,
virtual commodity coupons

Digsee company is the developer of processing center for the support of partners’ loyalty programs. End user is receiving the efficient bonus or discounting system. Both physical cards and customer’s phone numbers are acceptable as coupon carriers. Due to the unique technology used, we are able to implement the acceptance of (virtual) commodity coupons and goods/services payment processing using various cards. Inter-issuer interaction is supported.