SMSGRAD: Sending and receiving the SMS and PUSH messages. Shaping the customer feedback channel.

SMSGrad supports the feedback channel with your customer or partner via SMS and push-messages. Smart sending and processing of messages.

DigSee company has developed complex platform for the construction of feedback channel with your customer or partner on the base of SMS and push-messages. The most noticeable functions:

  • Mass distribution of SMS advertisement;
  • Business-informing on the events.

However the highest effect of our solutions is possible on the junction of different technologies.
You can send SMS to your customer if the system you built is able to convince this customer to provide you the phone number. Or, and this part is more important, you have to get a chance to involve the customer/partner into process, give him an option to express his thoughts and become rightful participant of the dialogue, not listener of your monologue.

DigSee company possesses all of the components required for implementation of complex and efficient projects on the junction of mobile technologies:

  • Payment processing platform provides the option to obtain service paid by other partner.

Example: You’ve been insured by A company? Get free 5 litres of fuel at gas station of B network! Additionally, you need only mobile phone to process a discount! Please refer to Discount and payment processing.

  • Own software for business gives the option to integrate SMS with your business needs.

Example: Taxi arrived to the customer’s house and DigSee GPS tracker allowed the monitoring software to detect this fact, so it is sending SMS “Your taxi is waiting for you” to the customer. Additionally, it launches the countdown on driver’s phone/tablet in taxi company dispatcher software.

  • Client mobile applications are able to receive PUSH notifications, providing convenient option to many customers. Feedback logic implementation.

Example: Push notification is received on virtual discount card. The customer finds it interesting so he is joining the interactive process.

  • SMS message processing supporting the implementation of partner interaction.

Example: the company advertises unified phone number and has a pool of franchise. When the customer expresses his interest, the contact details are being sent via SMS to local partner on market principle. Alternatively, insurance company is selling the product through its partners. When the customer is calling, the insurance company transfers the customer to local partner via SMS or push notification.

  • The availability of own sales solutions is allowing to promptly notify the partners about critical events.

Example: the store has overdue payments. Central system is automatically sending SMS reminder about necessity to pay the receivables.

Example: Merchandiser reports critically low quantity of goods on shelves. Server component will automatically send warning to distributor via SMS.

  • The availability of own hardware allows dealing with unforeseen contingencies.

Example: If, during the night time, the visitor counting sensor has been activated, the owner receives SMS alert.

Example: The customer walks by the shop. The shop is equipped with iBeacons hardware allowing detecting phone location with no Internet or GPS. The customer receives SMS.

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