MobileSOP: Field agent automation

Field employee control and automation via smartphones and tablets


Retail audit and merchandising on a phone, tablet

When your company has a staff of field employees or agents, there are always problems related to organization of their efficient work, control and management. DigSee has developed an operative tool – MobileSOP software for tablets and phones controlled by Android and iOS.

Your employee on-the-go will get the option to organise all aspects of his work using this software on tablet and phone, while managers will get the complete and valid data for office analysis.

Merchandising, pharmaceutical, trade and service companies are to be supplied with convenient tool on phone and tablet to maintain the customer database per each employee, provide the customer’s details to field locations, complete reports to be transmitted to central office for further analysis.

Right during the meeting, your employee will be able to promptly access the customer’s card in database, edit the card from the map or route schedule, and fill any necessary report while performing other work operations.

DigSee MobileSOP allows arranging the efficient work process due to its ability of autonomous operation supplemented by reliable technology of packet synchronization, CommsGuarantee.

The software is supporting the maintenance and input of:

  • Sales order. During this operation, the order may be entered using several forms of from several legal persons. Goods remainders and special prices are indicated automatically;
  • Sales;
  • Merchandising report form and sales audit report. In addition, the software supports complex types of issues and tasks, like remainder input, availability standard analysis, etc.;
  • Goods remainders inspection;
  • Relocation;
  • Payments;
  • And many more!

The software may be integrated directly into customer’s accounting system like 1C, Sage, take 5, QuickBooks, platform solutions by Microsoft, SAP, Oracle. The customer may also obtain Dealongo-ONLINE platform to help organizing the work of geographically distributed teams through internet (e.g., for purposes of retail audit). Additionally, there is an option to construct the full hierarchy from national manager to sales agent. Full control and automatic calculation of route schedules are available.

In aggregate with other DigSee products like DigSee POS (cashier’s workplace), modules of supervisor and auditor operations, system of distributor’s fee calculation, and also DigSee processing (for example, to obtain the sales data from distributors), the system is able to supply the data for the powerful tool of analysis and forecasting, DigSee Managing Analytics.

Sales agents, service engineers, contract employees, couriers, insurance agents, auditors – we have the solution for virtually any direction. Just call us, and we will offer you a ready-to-use solution!