DigSee solutions for manufacturers

Web portal as unified workspace

Dealongo-ONLINE is both a company database and the center of information collection, as well as control location for mobile employee tasks. The portal allows to separate access rights, assign tasks in accordance with certain rights, and analyse the current work. There are implementations where a single portal is not only controlling retail sales, but also automatically calculating partner rewards.  Contact us >>

Relocation of goods / instruments / assets

DigSee Mobile Warehouse software is being installed on data collection terminal with barcode or RFID reader, on the tablet, phone. The operator – with the help of mobile software – can perform basic warehouse operations: relocate, gather the order, accept goods, conduct audit and so on.

Our company also has experience in the integration of various equipment on the assembly line for the purposes of accounting and sorting of goods.

With iBeacons, GPS and Wi-Fi indoor location technology we can arrange the control of personnel and cargo in the territory.

Using augmented reality technology, we can provide a new level of storekeeper’s work quality.

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Sales agent automation

If your staff includes sales representatives who carry out direct sales or the collection of orders, we can provide you with an effective «mobilisation» of their work. Sales representative will see on the phone or tablet the entire range of goods, remainders, special prices and price lists. Sales agent will be able to make a request on the fly and send it to the central accounting system. Read more >>

Merchandising and retail audit

Your sales are directly dependent on the availability of goods on the shelf, of its price on the shelf, and its presence standards. We offer you the opportunity to arrange an effective merchandisers’ job, while merchandisers may be both from your staff and staff of merchandising agency. The solution supports both WEB control panel (for example, supervisors or analysts), and software for tablets / phones for merchandisers. The application guides a mobile worker, giving him all the information for the job. From his side, the employee fills in all the reports, includes foto proofs, and sends them to the central office via mobile connection. Read more >>

Distributor sales data collection system

Collect the data on the sales of distributors to a single large database. Consolidate the information on the sale of goods in the territory or even to the outlet with the data from the POS system, merchandiser and auditor. Read more >>

Powerful analytics

DigSee Managing Analytics allows you to collect diverse information into a single large database. In automatic mode, you can calculate inications and provide comfortable and colorful reports to the users with diagrams, graphs, area charts, and other visual elements. For analysts there will be the opportunity to form their own reports and analyse data on the fly. Read more >>

Filling the reports on-the-go, conducting surveys

Box-packaged DigSee SURE solution will allow you to create any form for mobile employees. It may be quality control forms, reporting forms, cost calculations, and even market surveys. These forms are transmitted to the mobile device of your representative. The employee will be able to fill in all the data with no computer and send it to the central office. Read more >>

Controlling vehicles, routes and fuel

Our equipment, TrackAndTrace GPS, allows you to remotely monitor the movement of the vehicle. This unit can be connected to various sensors (such as fuel level sensor) and mechanisms. Easy-to-use system of report and location preview is available on the Internet. Read more >>

Loyalty program with no cards required

Our company has a unique pool of solutions that allow you to organise a loyalty program for specific brand or manufacturer, even if it does not have its own retail network. During the purchase, the end customer can get a voucher opening the option of bonus accumulation with every purchase. DigSee company can provide the opportunity to distribute this voucher by one of the partners; at the same time the customer’s mobile phone number or mobile virtual card will act as the customer’s identifier.

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Reaching the retail outlet by distributor automation

Through the platform of payments and commodity coupons – DigSee Processing – you will be able to organise collaboration discount system for your products. At the same time you will both offer a unified loyalty program to your partners and also get a direct channel to the buyer. The buyer will be able to realize his loyalty benefits even without the special cards use. Call us and we will discuss various options of collaboration loyalty program together with you.

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