Insurance automation system

The automation and control of insurance policy remote sales


DigSee Mobile Insurer – Mobile insurance policy

Mobile Insurance Policy is specialized solution for insurance companies that allows automating and controlling the process of service provision in remote locations, travel agencies, auto shows and other partnering organizations.

The base of insurance company income is insurance policy sold. The organization of issuing and collection of insurance documents at the remote locations is not a simple business. If the documents are issued by third party companies/partners (e.g., travel agencies or car dealers), it gets even more complex. Additionally, the cost of standard corporate solution support by the partner is much more expensive than its support by your own company. That is why the policies at the sites are often issued in manually written form and then later manually entered to insurance company office systems. DigSee company offers an elegant solution of this problem in the form of easily adjustable product, DigSee Mobile Insurance Policy, allowing – in the briefest terms (from several days), with minimal expenses and dedicated company staff – to launch any number of popular insurance product sale sites (including medical insurance policies, motor vehicle liability insurance, fully comprehensive automobile insurance, etc.)

The product is supplied with several modifications. Firstly, this is light-weight application not requiring the installation on desktop PC. The software “guides” the process of policy input step-by-step preventing the possible errors. The policies entered are being synchronized with back office. It is allowing to setup the sales of several insurance products and launch the registration of limit-issue documents.

The implementation of the system in major Ukrainian companies was performed within just weeks.

It is noticeable that DigSee company can adapt its solution to tablets and phones operating under Android and iOS platforms in order to create a full-fledged sales point both for insurance company and its partners.

Important moment is that we offer a number of other solutions for insurance companies.

  • MobileSOP: allows arranging and supporting the sales process.

Insurance agent gets route schedule, leads and option to enter the reports on activity results.

  • Inter-issuer processing system allows insurance company to implement powerful loyalty programs by connecting its partners.

For example: if you bought our policy – you can get 10 l of free fuel! No coupons required by your customer, we can process the funds linking to customer’s mobile phone number.

  • GPS based vehicle monitoring system allows to organise the assistance work. Phone based system is able to control third party insurance assistance and provide the insurance commissar with information about the policy at event site.
  • We are also taking part in partnership with insurance companies: we offer additional security of your vehicle via GPSGrad – vehicle control system, while insurance company may reduce the insurance premium for car theft risk.