Mobile Pharmaceutics

Work automation for medical representative


The solution for medical representatives

CRM system on Android/iPAD tablet for medical representative. Prescription control. Flaw detection. Availability standards for pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical company profit directly depends on the quality of production distribution and on the work with particular doctors, professionals and whole medical institutions. This type of work is usually performed by medical representatives able to establish communication and collect the data for further analysis.

So the problem existing here is to organise efficient work of the field employee on the one hand, and provide the company manager with the option to analyse the information from our medical representative in real-time mode on the other hand.

We offer the complex solution, Curating Pro system. Medical representatives will get special software tool on their tablets or phones to obtain the following options:

  • Setting the route schedule
  • Convenient search over the database of doctors, professionals and pharmacies within the area of medical representative’s responsibility
  • Easy edit of doctor’s record card
  • Filling out all of the necessary reports right during the meeting using the comfortable interface
  • Visit history
  • Availability standards for the pharmacy
  • Flaw detection
  • Medical representative’s expenses
  • Any reports including prescriptions, doctor’s potential, specimen’s potential, consumables and expenses
  • …and many more!

The manager of external service can arrange the work from his side via convenient web interface. The company will get the data for analytics, complete observation of the area and activity of its medical representatives. Just contact us and we will deploy the solution within just a few days!