Equipment and hardware suppliers

Digsee solutions for equipment and hardware suppliers

Retail audit and shelf handling

Hardware sales depend directly on the retail outlet. It is necessary to control the availability and packaging of the goods, the standards of presence, to analyse the prices and competitors. Your company may have its own staff, or you can be a subject of agency services, still the issues of the information actuality and quality of staff work improving directly affect the sale. Our company offers software MobileSOP for phones and tablets. The application guides the user through operations in retail point, from the routes to entering the data on balances and part numbers. Mobile communication helps to transmit the data in real time to the central site, where the information may be analysed dynamically. Read more >>

Unified work space

Dealongo-ONLINE solution will provide an opportunity to organise the work of all company employees (and, if necessary, employees or merchandising or outstaffing agency) in a single portal. This is not only an opportunity to define the rules of work, but also an instrument of control and instant analysis of the situation. Read more >>

Mobile sales, pre-orders

Sales representative will be able to use special software on his tablet or phone to perform sales operations directly at the outlet. First of all, this is the the goods ordering, with registration of the balances, special prices, receivables. On-boards sales, merchandising, auditing, and a number of other operations are available as well. Read more >>

Information on secondary sales

Distributors are connected via the special module that automatically collects data on their sales and transmits it to the center. This is efficient tool to bring data from different sources for the purposes of planning and control. Read more >>

Analyse the data

With DigSee Managing Analytics solutions, you can analyse large amounts of data. Provide your employees and partners with a convenient tool for daily monitoring of the situation, as well as senior management with the option of data analysis. Forecast and planning are included. Read more >>

Marketing research and customer surveys

DigSee SURE allows you to create survey form with the logic of the transition between the questions and the control of the correctness of information input. This form is transmitted to the phone or tablet of the employee who right at the moment of buyer interviewing enters responses to the mobile device. Read more >>

Analysing the promo videos and audience opinion

If you have a need for the audience to express their attitude to the speech, or record their emotions during media material preview, you can use our system WebVote. The software is to be installed on the tablet or phone. Read more >>

Visitor counters

If you have a retail store, you can effectively evaluate the flow of visitors over time. To do this, you can use the counters of visitors. Our company manufactures inexpensive counters ViziCounter that have proven its efficiency. Read more >>

Vehicle fleet and fuel control

Logistics costs are a significant part of the cost of your product. We invite you to take control of the vehicle movement, its routes and fuel consumption. We manufacture equipment for GPS monitoring of transport and provide customers with a convenient service GPSGrad. Read more >>

Warehouse automation

DigSee Mobile WareHouse allows you to organise the work of storekeeper using data collection terminal with a barcode reader. Storekeeper will be able to select on-screen operation or invoice, enter the data on the relocation of goods. The most popular request to our company is to optimize the process of the shipping order gathering. Read more >>

Loyalty program for retail sales

With DigSee Processing solution we are giving you the opportunity to build a channel of communication with the end buyer, regardless of the sales network. The end customer can receive and spend bonuses or receive gifts in retail outlets. You do not need to issue plastic cards; the buyer will be able to identify himself with a mobile phone or virtual card in a mobile application. Additionally, any retail point may be connected to unified loyalty program using either application on his phone / tablet, or integration with existing system. And you will get a verified total customer base, and a way to communicate with them.

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Reaching the retail network

10 years ago, our company has automated distributors of Philip-Morris. It was created a unique case, when the manufacturer has managed to give the individual discount to the retail outlet using the mobile device software. This was made despite the fact that the application was controlled by distributor’s employee. We are ready to construct the interaction of the manufacturer, retail outlet, distributor and customer together with you.

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