Mass media

DigSee and mass communication media

Mobile solutions for employees on-the-go

If your company employs a field staff, there always exists the problem of their efficient work maintaining, report filling and supervisor control. We have a pool of solutions solving the above problems in the form of mobile applications for the phone or tablet. Check DigSee MobileSOP, DigSee SURE or contact us — we will advise the best option for you!

Advertisement and augmented reality

Imagine that you can expand the impact of advertising on the consumer by the enabling a special augmented reality technology. Using the phone or tablet, you can extend a static image to 3D scene, construct a game interaction. In fact, you will be able to offer a new product to your advertisers and agencies. Read more >>

Warehouse and its efficient work

DigSee company is both developer of software for warehouse terminals (acceptance of goods, order picking operations) and manufacturer of unique design equipment. It sometimes allows setting up the processes associated with the logistics of mass media in an effective manner. We have an experience of turning your storekeeper in the «automatic» employee, reducing the time required for shipments and re-grading. Contact us, tell us your problems or tasks.

Market research, sociological surveys

With DigSee SURE solution you can create a questionnaire for conducting marketing research, and transfer it to your employee’s phone or tablet. Right on the meeting your interviewer can tap all the answers of his respondent into the phone and transmit this data for analysis at the back office. There is also an opportunity to construct any report form and send it to remote employee’s phone or tablet for filling. Read more >>

Audience opinions analysis

Are you analysing advertising materials or presenting talk show? Your audience will get the opportunity to express their opinions using the tablets or phones. This voting system is developed and implemented by DigSee. Read more >>

Vehicle, fuel, route control

We manufacture the equipment for the control of transport vehicles using GPS beacons. We are also offering our customers the ready-to-use service to control the fuel consumption and actual routes. Check to learn all about the control of vehicles, fuel, running hours.

Linking coupons and retail sales

We are ready to develop fundamentally new advertising product for brand or manufacturer jointly with you. The end customer of the media can gain (win) a unique coupon code. With our processing platform, as well as our loyalty program processing technology for the outlets, we can quickly deploy the acceptance of above digital coupons for a range of partners.

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