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Digsee Sure: intelligent questionnaire and form entry

DigSee SURE – box solution that allows user to conduct marketing and sociological research at the briefest terms. A special template editor helps you designing the survey form. You can specify the logic transitions, syntactic and semantic control. Just in a few minutes you can transfer this template to remote employees. Right on the meeting with the respondent, in a game-like manner, they can enter the data directly to the phone or tablet, and then transmit it to central office. Read more >>

Mass fault-free questionnaire entry

SURE software allows you to organise mass fault-free entry of questionnaires on multiple network workplaces. The input process is optimised for both mouse manipulator and fast keyboard typing. During the entry, the question syntax and semantics / meaning of the questionnaire are controlled, the transition logic is supported. These features are allowing user to quickly and accurately enter a large number of forms. Read more >>

Photo reports. GPS. Survey timestamp.

DigSee solutions allow photo report creation on-the-go and its transmission to the central office. The control of the representative location at the time of questionnaire filling is available. Each form has a date-time stamp and GPS imprint confirming the location of its filling. Contact us to pick a right solution >>

Managing the cost of transport

Your employees can use the company vehicles or their own cars. Therefore you may need to calculate the route to reimburse or calculate the cost of transportation. We manufacture GPS monitoring equipment both for hidden installation or evident connection in case of own vehicle use. There is also the solution for route tracking via employee’s phone / tablet.  Read more >>

Reports and analytics

With DigSee Managing Analytics solution you will be able both to support real-time creation of reports using visual tools such as charts, graphs and tables, and analyse large amounts of information on-the-fly. Read more >>

Temporary staff hire for the events

Marketing agencies often hire remote personnel on a contract basis. DigSee solutions are able to control the remote staff, receive their reports without paper form filling, and also guide them through the business process. In fact, the phone or tablet based software acts as a supervisor. Contact us to find a solution fitting your needs.

Visitor registration, visitor activity

By installing the cost-efficient Vizicounter registrators, you can evaluate the flow of visitors at the place of the action. The collected data may be transmitted in real time to back office for analysis.

DigSee company, as a full cycle manufacturer, can produce other equipment necessary to research buyer’s activities – for example, stopping near the shelves, the direction of the buyer’s eyes, reviewing the intelligent digital displays. Tell us about your or your customer’s business, and we will do our best to help you. Contact us >>

Augmented reality and marketing

Our company is a leader in augmented reality technologies for mobile devices. We can use the independent or integrated (into phone or tablet) camera to recognize objects in real time and superimpose 3d scenes. The customers like this approach, it brings them positive emotions. Also, these technologies can lead the visitor directly to the point of sale, or favour the consumer activity. Check the section DigSee Processing to learn more. Read about augmented reality >>

Goods coupons, prizes

You will have the opportunity to offer your customers a tool allowing him to connect the other project partners for marketing purposes. You may offer the customer’s buyer to receive valuable prizes in the partner network; you can arrange mass discounts by a number of partners, or offer a special discount in a number of outlets via special actions. Our commodity coupon processing system allows user to perform simple and transparent payment supporting without using any cards.

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Turnkey loyalty programs

You will be able to provide your customer with both marketing / advertising services and other powerful component – loyalty program for buyers. We have a pool of solutions turning the customer into participant of the loyalty program without issue of any plastic cards. Our mobile application or phone number based virtual card allows business owner to launch a loyalty program in various outlets just in a few days.

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