The solution for cashier’s workplace maintenance to perform sales registration at POS. Cash register on the base of Android / iPAD tablet. The control of certain goods sale via franchise network. The collection of sales data for the manufacturer.

One of the most popular requests we receive is the maintenance of sales registration at retail point. Different customers have different needs, but the most typical ones are:

«I wish to get cashier’s workplace on tablet or phone.»

You can simply equip the retail point with Android-based tablet or phone. Cashier will enter the sales operations to the tablet effortlessly and unmistakably. We will provide our customers with accounting cloud solution able to perform synchronization with cash register. Optional synchronization with accounting system, for example 1C, is available as well. This is the most cost-efficient solution for retail point thanking to its integration with cash registers. We offer both lease and purchase options for this solution.

«I wish to collect the data on different goods sales over the network/franchise»

We are ready to implement the above projects within just a month or two. We have supplied several mobile communications operators with complex providing the retail point of sales with cahier’s workplace and operator with the ability to register the goods sold. In addition, the module of direct sales data collection may be connected to receive the information from distributors and partners who are using distributed and own POS solutions.

In result, you are getting the complete control over the network and linear retail. We can also offer facilitated accounting software developed for easy and fast implementation over the partner network.

Analytics and access to report by different level employees, integration with mobile solutions of auditors.

«I wish to solve the problem of fiscal receipt printing inexpensively»

We will provide software that may be installed on the phone or tablet to arrange the accounting operations. Bluetooth helps to transfer the cheque to cash register.

«I just want to put a cash register into the point, no software required. Is it possible to arrange a loyalty program?»

In cooperation with InCust company we can offer you ready-to-use loyalty program with no need to issue physical cards. Bonus schemes may be implemented..