Digsee solutions for retail sales

Digsee solutions for manufacturer and distributor work automation

Cashier’s workplace

DigSee offers a front-end solution for the retail trade. The seller will get the option to quickly perform the sale on the computer, tablet, or phone. Integration with card terminals, barcode scanners and fiscal loggers / cash registers. Read more >>

Sales registration and loyalty on a phone and tablet.

For mobile or small business, we offer an easy application for the phone or tablet. The seller will be able to register the sale with his finger, print out a check on the cash register or fiscal logger or even issue a discount or bonus to the end customer. Read more >>

Warehouse solution for the goods receipt or dispatch

On the storekeeper’s terminal is installed an easy-to-use software that automates the process of the goods receipt, order gathering and inspection. Goods may be scanned or selected by tapping on the screen. Consignment notes may be transferred to the accounting system and to the «cloud». Read more >>

Vizicounter visitor registrators

We manufacture the cost-efficient visitor registrators, optimized by cost and ease of installation. Registrators are connected to the computer and allow getting visitor related analytics from retail outlet in real time. There is an option with the mobile data transmission integrated. Read more >>

Digsee Managing Analytics

Powerful reporting system will allow staff to analyse data over a long period of time. It is supporting graphs, charts, animated elements, export to Excel, separation of access rights and context, sales planning / forecasting. Read more >>

Unified information space

Unified web portal, DealOnGo-online, allows gathering information from geographically distributed retail outlets, as well as franchising. Within the portal one can set goals and presence standards for the goods in the points. The real-time data analysis and reporting from cashier’s places and mobile employees are available as well­­. Read more >>

Ultra local geo targeting

DigSee solution is able to notify the customer of the event in your store at a time when he passes nearby. In the process the GPS technology and mobile communication are engaged. The use of iBeacon technology automatically runs the discount application even without a mobile connection. Свяжитесь с нами»

Vehicle, fuel, route control

We manufacture the equipment for vehicle control with the help of GPS beacons. We are also ready to give customers the ready-to-use service to control the fuel and routes. Check www.gpsgrad.com to learn all about the control of vehicles, fuel, running hours.

No-card loyalty programs

Loyalty programs with no cards issued.

We offer turnkey hi-demand bonus or discount system, that is also offering the option to introduce a loyalty program without issuing physical cards, and providing the processing. Contact us >>

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Cross-selling and partner interaction

You will be able to pay compensation to the customer when it is provided by the brand or partner. At the same time, you do not need to maintain the card reading terminals or become a merchant. Read more >>

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