Over the years of implementation, DigSee developed a number of mobile services and solutions for smartphones and tablets, including MobileSOP, Dealongo-ONLINE, DigSee SURE, StrongFolder and others. To ensure the quality of service, we have created task setting portals, adjusted mass SMS and push message sending technologies, goods coupon processing systems. In cases when our customers were unable to find “ideal” existing equipment required for their purposes (e.g. printers for van based sales, visitor counters or onboard GPS trackers) – we have designed and started to manufacture the necessary hardware. Nowadays, our solutions pool consists of more than 400 modules, applications and options.

That’s why in most cases we are ready to implement our solutions as turnkey service, on the lease terms. Actually, we are providing you with all of the necessary software, setting up servers and portals, helping to configure and adjust the tools covering your needs, – and will only ask for simple subscriber’s fee per employee connected. You bear no risk at all and get everything ready for immediate work.

Minor monthly fee, from 10 to 60 USD, will guarantee you the most valuable benefit – our implementation expertise. You can launch just a single employee automation, evaluate how our solution deals with your tasks, and then scale it to the rest of your enterprise.

Just contact us, tell us about your business, your tasks or problems, and we will offer you the solution.