Transportation and logistics

The automation of work for transport and logistics companies, as well as supply chains

Route and fuel consumption control

DigSee manufactures the equipment for vehicle position monitoring via GPS, and provides an online service for the management. The customer will be able to monitor the real-time location and speed of transport, the conditions of its sensors (e.g., door opening sensor) using a convenient online service GpsGrad. The opportunity to connect fuel level sensors is reducing the risk of fuel discharge. Read more >>

Mobile sales and dispatch

With MobileSOP solution, forwarder or salesperson will be able to comfortably perform a sales operation on his phone or tablet, e.g. shipping, sale, ordering. Additionally he can preview the customer’s order, receivables, price of the position, as well as all the necessary information. He can also print out the check (we also manufacture a special printer, PosPack). Packet updating of the information from the central system is available through the mobile communication channel. Read more >>

Warehouse solution for dispatch / receiving of the goods

Storekeeper can use the data collection terminal to accurately perform the operations of order gathering, dispatch, and inspection. Goods scanning, RFID identification are available as well. There is the option of integration with accounting system or WMS system.  Read more >>

Forwarder automation for cargo receipt and transportation

The subcontractor’s forwarder or driver installs the MobileSOP application to the phone or tablet to transmit the route schedule to the driver. During the receipt of goods, forwarder enters weight, dimensions and other parameters into his phone; if necessary, he can print the routing label and / or scan the item. He can use the electronic communication to transmit data to the office. The solution is efficient for the control of both own and subcontractor’s employees. Contact us >>

Reports and analysis

DigSee Managing Analytics is the easy-to-use reporting system allowing to analyse large amounts of data in the form of bright reports with graphs and presentations. Analysts and management have the access to functionality of data construction «on the fly». Read more >>

Goods and tangibles relocation control

We can implement complex projects using modern technologies of object tracking: GPS, WI-FI, iBeacons. Since our company has its own R&D, we can perform the technical integration of the various subsystems. For example, it is possible to open the gate when the bill of shipment for the dispatched goods is issued. Contact us >>

Loyalty program with no cards required

With DigSee Processing solution your forwarder on the go will be able to issue a discount or bonus right at the customer’s location. To get it, the customer does not need to have any physical plastic card! Customer’s phone number may serve as a virtual discount card.

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Using virtual card to pay for goods or services

In the process of logistic operations the tasks of service ordering with cashless payments from partners may arise. For example, the driver has to refuel, stay in hotels, pay for parking. This can be done via the processing solution by our company, without issuing any cards.

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