vehicles / cargo / people monitoring

Universal and convenient system of GPS monitoring and GPS control over any mobile objects (vehicles, people, cargo, etc.) on the base of satellite GPS navigation system.


GPSGRAD. Total control.

TrackAndTrace GPSDigSee company is designing and manufacturing the equipment for GPS monitoring of vehicles.
We are full cycle manufacturers – we can design, develop and code the software for microcontrollers, as well as able to produce the necessary hardware.

We have also developed GPSGrad, software complex for vehicle monitoring with the use of GPS beacons. We are providing the services on vehicle monitoring on turnkey base, with monthly subscriber’s fee.
We are always selecting the equipment and sensors (e.g., fuel level sensors) best fitting the customer needs and working with the leading hardware providers. Additionally, we will help you to select the equipment required for certain task – which fuel sensor to use: “streaming” or “level” type, how you can “shutdown” the vehicle distantly, is it possible to install the level sensors into tank, and much more.

GPSGrad main schemesOwn “self-produced” equipment allows us to cut the cost of support process, makes it faster and more controllable. Less technical problems at the customer’s side means more reliable service.

Additionally, our own hardware allows us to implement other projects. For example, in cases when our customer needs to read the sensor meterage in real-time mode or manage and control the equipment from remote back office.

GPS based solutions are not always the best option possible.

Sometimes we can offer the alternate ways to solve your problems, when, instead of “tracking”, we provide the “managing” system with optional monitoring as a bonus. For example, sales agent “tracking” is sometimes inefficient approach. There are cases when it is simpler to apply our ready-to-use phone- or tablet-based solution for improvement of sales employee productivity. Maximize the speed and quality of his work and get monitoring as a bonus.

Just contact us, describe your task and we will offer you a ready-to-use solution!