We have added an important improvement to our merchandising company solution.

Now there is an option to control an average mercher in the field using the phone and MobileSOP solution, both for direct administrator and countrywide manager.

Our customers are the market leaders. And, as proper leaders, they are diligently working on the quality improvement. Each merchandiser in our system has his/her own assigned retail points. There is a special configuration allowing his direct manager (supervisor) to check all of the points assigned to subordinate merchers right on the phone. We have received the request to enable the option for countrywide manager to control ALL his subordinates. And we’ve implemented this feature. Now countrywide manager has an option to get the data from all retail points on his phone or tablet. He can also get the current actual data and fresh entered values in real-time mode from every point. This includes, for example, facings or remainders of certain goods. This innovation allowed improving the quality of work in countrywide scale because of the manager’s ability of operational control.

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