mp_mg_logoMUGS GAME is a fun puzzle logical game for a single player or player versus the computer. Based on the popular among students game, «fox hunting» or «mugs».

System requirements and technical details:

OS: Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP
HDD Space: 10 Mb
Installation file size: 0,8 Mb
License type: shareware
Trial period: 30 days
Price: 10 USD
Language: English


mp_mg_boxChallenge yourself, this game will stimulate you! One of the best puzzle games with a friendly user interface, help system, sounds, and two languages supported.

There are two game modes. The first is for the fastest time and the best score.

The second option is the player versus the computer. In this option you have two boards: yours and the computer’s ones. Both boards are hidden from each other. Make your move, take your chance. Think about the directions, take the bearings and discover the enemy’s Mugs before the computer finds yours. Think quickly, think carefully — or lose!


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Game rules

mp_mg_thumbThere are some «MUGS» randomly hidden on a square gamefield, and they can occupy neighbouring fields. You have to locate them in minimal time and minimal number of turns (best time mode) or before computer’s AI will find your own Mugs (player vs computer mode).

When you calculated a field where enemy Mug is most likely hiding, you’ll shoot there. If you are lucky, you will «beat the Mug», i.e. you will hit it. Otherwise all Mugs (including those you already hit), whose positions are somewhere on imaginary rays heading from the point of shot (horizontal, vertical and diagonal ones), will scream in terror. You will «take the bearings» of these Mugs, and get the number of screams. After a number of turns, you will be able to make some conclusions concerning most probable hidden Mugs locations, and also exclude the fields where it is evidently impossible to find Mug. How much turns you need to spend — depends on your reaction and experience.

Expert players have an option to play on higher difficulty levels against wiser computer’s AI.
Good luck!


Game windows looks like this:

mp_mg_screen1 mp_mg_screen2 mp_mg_screen3